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The Guidance and Counselling Unit is mandated to help and guide students, staff and their family members, and other members of the University community in their academic, social, economic issues/ challenges of life.

These services are provided to individuals from Monday to Saturday during working hours. They are also channeled through the Umbrella of BSU Students Union committees.

Mrs. Kyokusiima Nome Kapere

Current University Counsellor

Kyokusiima Nome Kapere is the current University Counsellor for Bishop Stuart University since July 2011. She holds a Master of  Counseling Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Guidance and Counselling from Bishop Stuart University.

The Counseling Unit at Bishop Stuart University started way back in November 2011. It has been in existence for close to 10 years, it started with few clients but now the number has increased.

The unit has a professional counselor and is located near the Graduate Computer Laboratory and it is always open from Monday to Friday ready to attend to any client in need.

Main Objective:

The main objective is to make you aware of the availability of counseling services at Bishop Stuart University where to access them. It started with an aim of healing the wounded minds.

The vision

Creating an environment where the hand of God reaches all who are in need.


To empower clients to reach their ability to solve their problems and conduct research that addresses the communal psychosocial needs.

  1. Educate people about the purpose and value of counseling
  2. Identify problem areas of students and staff and find ways of helping them.
  3. Helping people analyze, understand their situations and generate alternative ways of dealing with their problematic or stressful situations.
  4. Help people choose their careers.
  5. Help people adjust to the culture of the university.
  6. Help students to acquire life and study skills to enable them succeed in life.
  7. Deal with people with psychological issues and go back when they are positively changed.

The purpose of counseling is to help people;

  1. Define their problems/ needs.
  2. Make informed decisions.
  3. Realize their inner potential.
  4. Accept and cope with their situations.
  5. Connect them to resources in community.
  6. Understand their own behaviors, emotions and how they affect them and other people.

Mrs. Kyokusiima Naome Kapere


Mob: +256 772 697437

Tel: +256 702 697437


Address: Located near the Graduate Computer Laboratory