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Undergraduates and Graduates study at BSU

An Undergraduate or a Graduate degree from Bishop Stuart University is a requisite or a qualification that the outside world will acknowledge. Our courses will give you a notable university experience that’s rooted in a rich heritage.

You’ll have opportunities within and outside of your course that will help you grow personally, academically, and professionally.

Choose from these BSU programs of study and discover your own path to future success.


Programmes offered under Faculty of Business, Economics & Governance

Doctor of Philosophy in Development StudiesPhD-DS3 YearsAugustWeekend
Doctor of Philosophy in Development ManagementPhD-DM3 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Arts in Development StudiesMADS2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Social Economics and Community ManagementMSECM2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Business AdministrationMBA2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Social Work MSW2 YearsAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Office Management and Secretarial StudiesPG-DOMSS1 YearAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Development StudiesPG-DS1 YearAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Public Administration and ManagementPGPAM1 YearAugustWeekend
Bachelor of Development StudiesBDS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Public Administration and ManagementBPA3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Business AdministrationBBA3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Banking and Investment ManagementBBIM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Economics and ManagementBEAM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business ManagementBESBM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and FinanceBSAF3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Planning and Community DevelopmentBPCM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Arts in Social SciencesBASS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Human Resource ManagementBHRM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Environmental ManagementBEM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Project Planning and ManagementBPPM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Office Management and Secretarial StudiesBOMSS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Records Management and Information ScienceBRMIS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Social Work and Social AdministrationBSWSA3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality ManagementBTHM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics
BSEC3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementBPSCM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Microfinance and Business Enterprise ManagementBMF3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Arts in Development ManagementBADM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Cooperative Management and DevelopmentBCOMD3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Public AdministrationDPA2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Development StudiesDDS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Records Management and Information ScienceDRMIS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Business AdministrationDBA2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementDPSCM2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Accounting and FinanceDAF2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Human Resource ManagementDHRM2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Project Planning and ManagementDPPM2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Office Management and Secretarial StudiesDOMSS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Social Work and Social AdministrationDSWSA2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Microfinance and Business Enterprise ManagementDMF2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics BADE3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Community Psychology BCP3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Public Administration and Management DPAM2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend

Programmes offered under the Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences and Technology

PhD in Agriculture and Community InnovationsPhD-ACI3 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Agriculture and Rural Innovations MARI2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Science in Climate Change and Food SecurityMSCCFS2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Science in Agronomy (Dry Land Farming)MSC.A2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Business Information TechnologyMBIT2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Agribusiness and Value Chain ManagementMAVM2 YearsAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Agriculture and Rural InnovationsPG-DARI1 YearMay/AugustWeekend
Bachelor of Agriculture and Community Development BACD3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Agribusiness Management and Community DevelopmentBAMD3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Animal Health and ProductionBAHP3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource ManagementBSAERM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Conservation and Natural Resource ManagementBCNRM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Environmental SciencesBSC.ES3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Computer Science BCS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science Information TechnologyBSIT3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Library and Information ScienceBLIS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Computer ScienceDCS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Agribusiness Management and Community DevelopmentDAMD2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Animal Health and Production DAHP2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Information TechnologyDIT2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Library and Information ScienceDLIS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend

Programmes offered under the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

Master of Public HealthMPH2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Science in Counseling PsychologyMSC.CP2 YearsAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in CounselingPG-DC1 YearAugustRegular/Weekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education1 YearAugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Nursing ScienceBNC4 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Public HealthBSPH3 YearsMay/August
Bachelor of Nursing Science CompletionBNSC3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Midwifery ExtensionDME11/2 YearsJulyRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Nursing ScienceDNS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Nursing ExtensionDNE11/2 YearsJulyRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Public HealthDPH2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend

Programmes offered under the Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies

PhD in Language, Culture and SocietyPHD-LCS3 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Arts in Literature and CommunicationMALC2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Education in Administration and PlanningMEAP2 YearsAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in EducationPGDE1 YearAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Education ManagementPGDEM1 YearAugustWeekend
Bachelor of Education-SecondaryBED2 YearsMay/AugustRecess
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass CommunicationBAJMC3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Commercial Industrial Fine Art and DesignBCIFAD3 yearsMay/AugustRegular
Bachelor of Education - PrimaryBEDP2 YearsMay/AugustRecess
Diploma in Primary EducationDIPE2 YearsMay/AugustRecess
Diploma in Early Childhood EducationDECE2 YearsMay/AugustRecess
Diploma in Journalism and Mass CommunicationDJMC2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Industrial Fine Art DesignDIFAD2 YearsMay/AugustRecess/Regular
Bachelor of Arts in TheologyBAT3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Bachelor of Arts with EducationBAED3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Bachelor of Science with EducationBSCED3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Bachelor of Science and Technology EducationBSTE3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Diploma in Science and Technology EducationDSTE2 YearsMay/AugustRegular

Programmes offered under the Faculty of Law

Bachelor of LawsLLB3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Diploma in LawDIL2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Arts in Ethics and Human RightsBEHR3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Ethics and Human RightsDEHR2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend