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Dr. Moses Baikirize
Dr. Moses Baikirize – Dean Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences and Technology

Dr. Moses Baikirize is the current Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences and Technology, Bishop Stuart University. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Economics from Chhatrapati Shuhu ji Maharaji University Kanpur – India, Master’s Degree in Project Planning and Management, Master of Business Administration- (MBA) Economics and Bachelor of Arts with Education in Economics.

He has hands-on working experience in educational leadership, teaching, and training, administration and management at different levels.

He has served in a couple of HEIs including East African University – Rwanda (Faculty Dean, Head of Department and Lecturer) and Bishop Stuart University and Secondary Schools. Full profile

The Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences and Technology (FAET) is a new Faculty born out of the former Faculty of Applied Sciences. It started independent operations in January 2020. The Faculty has two (2) departments; the Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness & Environment (AAE) and the Department of Computing, Library Science & Technology (CLIT).

Vision: A science-based faculty producing Global innovative practitioners that Africa wants.

Mission: Nurturing Multi-Sectorial self-driven practitioners who apply their talents and skills to advance Global Society


  1. To promote knowledge generation, innovations and Commercialization
  2. To develop and deliver market responsive academic programmes that foster Innovativity and Industrialization
  3. To produce competent and holistic practitioners
  4. To equip the faculty staff with the requisite competence to attain our vision.
  5. To Innovate, Implement and Apply new and Existing Technology
  6. To boost and support financial sources under FAET
  7. To create BSU brand awareness and develop strategic partnerships and collaborations
  8. To be a Faculty that supports and gives towards a collective community development
  9. To be a Faculty that provides modern skills and trainings in sustainable environmental resources management for improved livelihoods and development
  10. Focusing on Gender, HIV and AIDS, Poverty, Environment, and Global warming

These are the courses offered under the Faculty:

PhD in Agriculture and Community InnovationsPhD-ACI3 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Agriculture and Rural Innovations MARI2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Science in Climate Change and Food SecurityMSCCFS2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Science in Agronomy (Dry Land Farming)MSC. A2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Business Information TechnologyMBIT2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Agribusiness and Value Chain ManagementMAVM2 YearsAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Agriculture and Rural InnovationsPGDARI1 YearMay/AugustWeekend
Bachelor of Agriculture and Community Development BACD3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Agribusiness Management and Community DevelopmentBAMD3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Animal Health and ProductionBAHP3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Agricultural Economics and Resource ManagementBAERM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Conservation and Natural Resource ManagementBCNRM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Environmental ScienceBSC.ES3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Computer Science BCS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science Information TechnologyBSIT3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Library and Information ScienceBLIS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Computer ScienceDCS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Agribusiness Management and Community DevelopmentDAMD2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Animal Health and Production DAHP2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Information TechnologyDIT2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Library and Information ScienceDLIS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend