Board of Trustees

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The Diocese of Ankole by the Charter wholly vests the authority to oversee the University into a body known as the Board of Trustees of Bishop Stuart University. The Board of Trustees consists of a maximum of five (5) members of high integrity with Christian morals appointed or elected who serve for a period of four years, except for the Chairman who is the Diocesan Bishop of Ankole Diocese.

Board of Trustees Committee Members (2018- 2022)

The Board of Trustees has a mandate to:

  1. To oversee, guide, and advise the University Council on the vision, mission, and objects of the University.
  2. Offer moral and spiritual guidance to the University Council and Senate.
  3. To market the University nationally and internationally.
  4. To act as a constant link between the University and the Diocese.
  5. To raise resources for the University
Rt. Rev. Dr. Elisha KyamugambiPioneer Chancellor
Prof. Kenneth KagameChairperson council
Amb. Prof. Francis ButagiraDiocesan legal advisor
Ms Asiimwe Annah TibazindwaUniversity Secretary
Prof. Kenneth KagameChairperson council
Mr. Aruho Abdon RutegaUniversity Academic Registrar
CPA Isaac MuzooraUniversity Finance Officer
Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Sheldon MwesigwaUniversity Chancellor and Bishop of Ankole Diocese
Mr. Herbert KamugishaHead of Laity, Ankole Diocese
Mr. Godfrey TumusiimeBusiness Professional
Prof. Kenneth KagameChairperson Chairperson Council
Rt. Rev. Dr. Elisha KyamugambiPioneer Chancello
The Very Rev. Canon Herbert BegumanyaHead of Clergy, Ankole Diocese
Canon Lydia ButagiraDeputy Head of Laity, Ankole Diocese
Rev. Emmy MwesigyeUniversity Chaplain