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Dr. Enock Barigye (PhD) - Dean Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies
Dr. Enock Barigye (Ph.D.) – Dean Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies

Dr. Enock Barigye is the current Dean Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies. He holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He is a specialist in Educational Policy, Planning and Management.

He is formerly a Primary School teacher, Primary School Headteacher, Primary School teacher trainer (Tutor), Lecturer and Head of Department. Full profile

The Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies aspires to lead in the study and practice of education, to influence public policy and improve community life through education, and to nurture graduates who are zealously committed to their professions.

The Faculty has a unique heritage and context. It is an integral part of a comprehensive, historical, research-intensive a regionally and globally engaged educational hub.

The faculty comprises the following Departments:-

  • Department of Humanities and Performing Arts
  • Department of Languages, Literature and Media studies
  • Department of Foundations, Distance & Lifelong Learning (Vocational Education)
  • Department of Science Education
  • Department of Visual Arts, Design and Technology

Vision: To be a world-class African Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies, nurturing educators who are critical, creative, problem-solvers, initiators and leaders in education who know the way show the way and go the way.

Mission: To provide high quality education and contributing to the advancement of knowledge that is socially and ethically relevant, and applying that knowledge to the scientific, technological and social-economic development of our nation and the wider world


  1. To nurture graduates of distinction with a global outlook, who are committed to lifelong learning, ethical practice and professionalism, and capable of becoming leaders in their fields;
  2. To advance scholarship and engage in research with high impact internationally, nationally and locally.
  3. To break new ground in curriculum and pedagogy, and to be a role model for good educational practice;
  4. To engage in productive partnerships with academic and professional communities in order to generate, integrate, exchange and apply knowledge, build capacity, and enhance educational opportunities for all;
  5. To serve as a focal point of intellectual and academic excellence in our fields of expertise in Uganda and Africa, and act as a gateway and forum for scholarship with the rest of the world;
  6. To develop and sustain a collegial, inclusive, supportive, flexible and multicultural environment that will attract and nurture students and staff of the highest calibre in a culture that inspires creativity, learning and freedom of thought, inquiry, expression and practice.

Core values

As we fulfill our mission, our policies and practices will be characterized by their interconnectedness, and underpinned by the following core values:

Excellence: Setting world-class standards through innovation and creativity in teaching, research and knowledge exchange.

Sustainability: Building long-term relationships with our partners, our alumni and the communities we serve in order to ensure sustainable development.

Collegiality: Working together in a supportive, respectful and collaborative manner.

Fairness: Using objective and transparent criteria in the treatment of students and staff.

Equity: Promoting equality of opportunity, diversity, inclusivity and social justice in our practice.

Academic freedom: Protecting the free flow of ideas without fear or favour, while respecting the views of others.

Success stories: Identity of excellency, Debate, Language center (Kiswahili) Debate and teacher training.

PhD in Language, Culture and SocietyPHD-LCS3 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Arts in Literature and CommunicationMALC2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Education in Administration and PlanningMEAP2 YearsAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in EducationPGDE1 YearAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Education ManagementPGDEM1 YearAugustWeekend
Bachelor of Education-SecondaryBED2 YearsMay/AugustRecess
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass CommunicationBAJMC3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Commercial Industrial Fine Art and DesignBCIFAD3 yearsMay/AugustRegular
Bachelor of Education - PrimaryBEDP2 YearsMay/AugustRecess
Diploma in Primary EducationDIPE2 YearsMay/AugustRecess
Diploma in Early Childhood EducationDECE2 YearsMay/AugustRecess
Diploma in Journalism and Mass CommunicationDJMC2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Industrial Fine Art DesignDIFAD2 YearsMay/AugustRecess/Regular
Bachelor of Arts in TheologyBAT3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Bachelor of Arts with EducationBAED3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Bachelor of Science with EducationBSCED3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Bachelor of Science and Technology EducationBSTE3 YearsMay/AugustRegular
Diploma in Science and Technology EducationDSTE2 YearsMay/AugustRegular