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The Chancellor of Bishop Stuart University is a sitting Bishop of the founder Diocese (Ankole Diocese of the Anglican Church of Uganda).

The Chancellor is a titular head of the University and the Board of Trustees and as such shall preside at all ceremonial assemblies of the University and in the name of the University, confer Degrees, grant Diplomas, Certificates and other Academic Awards, titles and distinctions of the University.

The Chancellor shall serve as Visitor to the University and in this capacity shall:-

  1. Perform an overall supervisory role over the affairs of the University.
  2. Conduct a visitation of the University or appoint another person to conduct a visitation as often as circumstances may require or in response to a written request from the Proprietors of the University, with the full cooperation of the Vice-Chancellor and any person conducting a visitation on behalf of the Chancellor.

Whenever the Chancellor is for any reason unable to perform the functions of the Office, the Vice-Chancellor shall perform those functions.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa

Former Chancellors

Rt. Rev. Elisha Kyamugambi - 1st Chancellor (2006-2007)

Rt. Rev. Elisha Kyamugambi - 1st Chancellor (2006-2007)

Rt. Rev. Dr. George Tibeesigwa - 2nd Chancellor (2007-2010)