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Bishop Stuart University is divided into five (5) Faculties, each of which houses a number of Academic Departments for the various programmes of study covered. These units have powerful reputations for teaching and research success.

Each Academic Department has a committee consisting of the Department Head and Academic staff members of the Department.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Business, Economics, and Governance

Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Department of Business and Entrepreneurship
Department of Secretarial, Records and Office Management
Department of Economics, Statistics and Tourism Management
Department of Public Administration and Governance

Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences and Technology

Department of Computing, Library and Information Technology
Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Environment

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

Department of Nursing
Department of Public Health and Biomedical Sciences

Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies

Department of Humanities and Performing Arts
Department of Languages, Literature and Media studies
Department of Foundations, Distance & Lifelong Learning (Vocational Education)
Department of Science Education
Department of Visual Arts, Design and Technology

Faculty of Law

Department of Law and Ethics