Student Union and Alumni

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Every student who joins Bishop Stuart University becomes a member of the wider community of the students union (BSU Guild) which is an umbrella of the student association.

Its council has an office situated in the Guild building and it is structured from class representatives, board of representatives and executive council, clubs and different associations of students, where students learn and develop within the university life. After their studies, the links continue with BSU ALUMNI association.

Below are the objectives of BSU Guild Council
  • To promote all members’ personal, academic, social, community aspirations and interests.
  • To establish friendly relations and understanding with other relevant associations, whose aims and objectives are similar to those of the Union;
  • To collaborate with BSU administration or other academic bodies concerned with the enhancement of members` standard of living and improvement of facilities at BSU

BSU guild council works closely with the Dean of students welfare that has the coordination of students activities in its attributions.

Any students concern should be channeled in a written form through the class representative, the faculty representative and the executive committee of BSU.

For emergency issues, all the means of communication should be used to inform as quickly as possible Guild and the Dean of students’ welfare.