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Dr. Noel Kansiime Kiiza
Dr. Noel Kansiime Kiiza- Dean Faculty of Business Economics and Governance

Dr. Noel Kansiime is the current Dean and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Governance. Previously, he was a Senior Lecturer in the School of Graduate Studies and Research, Gollis University, Hargeisa Somaliland.

He is a committee member of the International Scientific Committee of Humanities and Social Sciences, Canada and holds a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from Durban University of Technology in Durban, South Africa.

He holds a Master’s degree in Peace and Development Studies from Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden, a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, and a Diploma in Teacher Education (Secondary Schools) from National Teachers’ College Nkozi, hitherto under Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK).

He is a teacher by profession, a scholar, and a research consultant. He has published widely in various international journals and links to his publications are available in the subsequent section (Publications). Read more

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Governance is the biggest in the University with a student population of close to 3,000 students. The Faculty comprises of five (5) departments, these are:-

  1. Department of Social Work and Social Administration
  2. Department of Business and Entrepreneurship
  3. Department of Secretarial, Records and Office Management
  4. Department of Economics, Statistics and Tourism Management
  5. Department of Public Administration and Governance

It offers a wide range of study programs leading to the award of certificates, diplomas, degrees (Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.)

The Faculty`s aspirations are summarized in its Vision and Mission statement which guide its current and future plans.

Vision: To be a Faculty that builds the quality human capital that meets community, national and global social needs in the business, economy, and environment and desired quality of life.

Mission: To equip students with capacities and competencies to meet the community, national and global needs in business, development, social economic concerns, and ultimately improving people.


  1. Understand the dynamic and complex nature of rural and urban community challenges and develop models based on a multidisciplinary approach in handling such challenges.
  2. Administer the process of sustainable development both in rural and urban communities and be able to shape the direction towards transforming and capacitating such societies to handle their development needs.
  3. Critically appreciate the existing policy framework for community planning and development in relation to Government, civil societies, and the Private sector so as to add value and facilitate societal transformation.
  4. Mobilize resources for the development of both urban and rural communities and devise strategies in which such resources can be maintained and increased for the benefit of communities.
  5. To produce graduates who have a thorough understanding of development processes and challenges in developing countries and the analytical techniques necessary in effecting development.
  6. To enable students, understand how public administration influences the allocation of resources and the general consequences of such an approach.

These are the courses offered across the Faculty:

Doctor of Philosophy in Development StudiesPhD-DS3 YearsAugustWeekend
Doctor of Philosophy in Development ManagementPhD-DM3 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Arts in Development StudiesMADS2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Social Economics and Community ManagementMSECM2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Business AdministrationMBA2 YearsAugustWeekend
Master of Social Work MSW2 YearsAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Office Management and Secretarial StudiesPG-DOMSS1 YearAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Development StudiesPG-DS1 YearAugustWeekend
Postgraduate diploma in Public Administration and ManagementPGPAM1 YearAugustWeekend
Bachelor of Development StudiesBDS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Public Administration and ManagementBPA3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Business AdministrationBBA3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Banking and Investment ManagementBBIM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Economics and ManagementBEAM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business ManagementBESBM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and FinanceBSAF3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Planning and Community DevelopmentBPCM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Social SciencesBSS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Human Resource ManagementBHRM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Environmental ManagementBEM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Project Planning and ManagementBPPM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Office Management and Secretarial StudiesBOMSS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Records Management and Information ScienceBRMIS3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Social Work and Social AdministrationBSWSA3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality ManagementBTHM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics
BSEC3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementBPSCM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Microfinance and Business Enterprise ManagementBMF3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Arts in Development ManagementBADM3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Cooperative Management and DevelopmentBCOMD3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Public AdministrationDPA2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Development StudiesDDS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Records Management and Information ScienceDRMIS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Business AdministrationDBA2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementDPSCM2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Accounting and FinanceDAF2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Human Resource ManagementDHRM2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Project Planning and ManagementDPPM2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Office Management and Secretarial StudiesDOMSS2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Social Work and Social AdministrationDSWSA2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Microfinance and Business Enterprise ManagementDMF2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics BADE3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Bachelor of Community Psychology BCP3 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend
Diploma in Public Administration and Management DPAM2 YearsMay/AugustRegular/Weekend