Dr. Mathias Tumwebaze

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Dr. Mathias Tumwebaze
Dr. Mathias Tumwebaze
Senior lecturer

Dr. Mathias Tumwebaze is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Health and Biomedical SciencesFaculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bishop Stuart University. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health from AIU-Hawai, United States of America, a Master of Health Services Management from Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi, an Advanced Diploma in Community Health from AMREF International Health Training Centre, Nairobi Kenya, and a National Diploma in Clinical Medicine & Community Health from Fort Portal School of Clinical Officers.

Institution Award
AIU-Hawai, United States of America (2008-2010) Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health
Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi (2004-2005) Master of Health Services Management
AMREF International Health Training Centre, Nairobi Kenya (1998) Advanced Diploma in Community Health
Fort Portal School of Clinical Officers (1991-1993) National Diploma Clinical Medicine & Community Health
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  18. Village  Health  Teams  (VHT’s)  &  the  Attainment  of  Health  MDG’s  in  Uganda:  VHT’s accelerating attainment of Health MDG’s in Kabarole district, Western Uganda by Tumwebaze Mathias (Paperback – 9 Jun 2011
Certificate Details  Institution
Certificate of attendance WHO-AFRO  Border Health Readiness and Response Webinar for Marburg Virus Disease WHO- AFRO, 2023
Certificate; Best Researcher award research award Visakhapatnam, India, Organized by VDGOOD Professional Association, 2022
Certificate, Field Epidemiology Training Program Frontline AFENET/Ministry of Health, 2020
WHO Afro-Certificate of attendance in 3rd  IDSR guidelines Attending all  IDSR Echo Zoom sessions World Health Organization, 2020
Certificate, Field Epidemiology Training Program Frontline AFENET UGANDA FETP, 2020
WHO Afro-Certificate of attendance in 3rd  IDSR guidelines Attending all  IDSR Echo Zoom sessions  WHO, 2020
Certificate  in Vaccines Management & Economics Makerere University, School of Public Health, 2018-2019
Certificate in One Health OCEA- MOH Uganda Ministry of Health Uganda, 2017-2018
Certificate Basic Biostatistics & Epidemiology:: University of Pretoria South Africa, 2013
Advanced Cert Epidemiology & Med statistics: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine- United Kingdom London University, School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – UK, 2008
Certificate in Management and Leadership- Liverpool Hope University Liverpool Hope University – UK, 2008
Period Organisation
2012-2023 Senior Lecturer, Bishop Stuart University
20005-2022 Lecturer, Mountains of the Moon University
Nov 2000+ District Public Health Surveillance Officer, Kabarole District Health Office
2015+ National Field Trainer, MOH/WHO Uganda
1993-1995 In charge of the Outpatient Department (OPD), Virika Hospital
1996-2001 In-charge Bukuku Health Centre 111 government
2015-2023 Field supervisor and trainer of MPH program, Makerere University SPH
2015-2022 External Examiner MPH research Dissertations, Kampala International University
2014-2018 External Examiner MPH Thesis, Uganda Christian University