Assoc. Prof. Francis Kazibwe

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Assoc. Prof. Francis Kazibwe
Assoc. Prof. Francis Kazibwe
Senior Lecturer and Researcher

Assoc. Prof. Francis Kazibwe is a Senior Lecturer and researcher at Bishop Stuart University, Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences. He previously served as a Medical Entomologist in the Ministry of Health for twenty years working at Vector Control Division under the Department of Communicable Diseases Control.  He has supervised undergraduate and postgraduate operational research projects in the field of disease transmission, epidemiological, malacological and immunological studies.

As a senior researcher in the field of vector control, Kazibwe has accumulated knowledge on the ecological dynamics of disease vectors and held many consultancies for the business community and international research institutions on their control in the country.

He has taught and collaborated with other research institutions in the country and outside such as Makerere University Medical School, Uganda Virus Research Institute and Makerere University Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, Kenya Medical Research Institute, ICIPE-Kenya, Blair Research Laboratories, Harare- Zimbabwe, Museum of Natural History-London, Imperial College – London, National Museums of Kenya-Mombasa and Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen – Denmark.

2000 – 2003: PhD at Makerere University, Zoology Department on the ecology of Biomphalaria species and their role in the transmission of Schistosoma Mansoni in Uganda.

2001: Certificate in Data Handling, Biostatistics and use of SPSS Windows, Makerere Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics.

1999: Certificate in Medical and Veterinary Malacology in Africa at Blair Research Laboratory, Harare, Zimbabwe.

1998: Certificate in Freshwater Biology at the University of Zimbabwe.

1998: Diploma in Research Methodology at the University of Copenhagen (Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory).

1995 – 1996: M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences at Salford University (United Kingdom).

1991: Diploma in Epidemiology and Control of Schistosomiasis at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

1991: Certificate in Teaching Methods at the Health Man Power Development Centre – Mbale – Uganda.

1990: Certificate in Operational Research at the Child Development Centre, Makerere University Medical School.

1989: Certificate in Epidemiology and Control of Schistosomiasis at the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology, Nairobi – Kenya.

1986: Certificate in the Control of Trypanosomiasis at the Southern African Development Coordinating College (SADCC) in Lusaka – Zambia.

1971 – 1974: Diploma in Medical Entomology and Parasitology at Mulago Paramedical School.

2023 up to date – Associate Professor – Bishop Stuart University, Mbarara.

2011 – 2022 Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences – Bishop Stuart University, Mbarara.

2004 – 2010    Medical Entomologist and Senior Research Fellow on Neglected Tropical Diseases in the Ministry of Health, Uganda.

1975 – 2003    Field Officer in the Ministry of Health at Vector Control Division and Tutor at the Mulago Paramedical Schools.



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    Received 1 April 2003; received in revised form 16July 2003; accepted 28 July 2003