Security incidents can occur anywhere and at any time. The security department at Bishop Stuart University exists to ensure the safety and security of staff members, students, and property within University premises. Over time, amidst a myriad of challenges, the Security Department has been working selflessly to manage risks and deter crime.

We liaise with other Government security agencies to improve safety and security of people and University property, our liaison with these agencies does not only end at physical safety and security function but also in crime prevention and case management.

The security department is composed of 16 Bishop Stuart University security guards and 11 private security guards, deployed on an integral arrangement system, in Main Campus, Ruharo Campus and Faculty of Law campuses. We undertake the following roles and duties with utmost prudence.

  • Access controls and management
  • Guarding installations and equipment
  • Ensuring proper functioning of security equipment
  • Coordinating security training initiatives
  • Responding to emergencies within University premises
  • Apprehending persons caught up committing irregularities
  • Surveillance, patrolling premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion.
  • Guarding at examination halls
  • Investigations and intelligence gathering
  • Participating in University events, for instance, Bishop Stuart University week,
  • Coordinating with other security agencies

At all times, we aspire for professionalism, availability, reliability, and integrity.

Security guards manning the university main gate

As the saying goes, "Safety starts with an individual because no story is worth a life or lost property," which is why security must start at an individual level and transcend to national levels.

Security department prospective goals look forward not only to being responsible for the University's physical security needs but also integrating the latest technological innovations in digital or electronic security requirements, including computer networks. Above all, we believe that God is our overall safety and security provider.

We thank all security agencies and line University departments for their support to the security department as we continuously strive to ensure a safe and secure studying, working and living environment. With your continued support, more will be achieved.


Contact Security Officer Bishop Stuart University, Mr. Bashasha Nicholas


Phone: +256 702131381