Research Ethics Committee

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Research Ethics Committee

Bishop Stuart University recognizes the scientific and ethical responsibility for human participants involved in research and education and enjoins all individuals involved to maintain the highest standards of ethical considerations.

This concern extends to researchers/ investigators to comply with the specific requirements and guidelines established. The University also recognizes and supports fully the Research Ethics Committee (BSU-REC), as the agent for the University in its obligations for conducting research with integrity and compliance.

The BSU-REC reviews and approves all types of research proposals involving human participants with a view to safeguarding the dignity, rights, safety, and well-being of all actual and potential research participants. The goals of research, however important, should never be permitted to override the health and well-being of the research participants.

BSU-REC takes care of all the cardinal principles of research ethics viz. Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence and Justice are taken care of in planning, conduct and reporting of the proposed research.

For this purpose, it looks into the aspects of the informed consent process, risk-benefit ratio, distribution of burden and benefit and provisions for appropriate compensations wherever required. It reviews the proposals before the start of the study as well as monitors the research throughout the study until and after completion of the study through appropriate well documented procedures for example annual reports, final reports and site visits among others.

Research and Grants Office

Bishop Stuart University underscores and focuses on research, research based education and carrying out more meaningful and impact oriented research activities. In her endeavor of being a leading institution in training, research, innovation and community outreach as a core function for development, the university introduced a research support fund to enable staff members to participate in research and innovations alongside teaching, in line with the university’s strategic plan.

The scheme seeks to stimulate research activities and generate new knowledge of high scientific merit that fosters development. The scheme’s focus ensures that funding is distributed in an open competitive ground and promotes innovation and publication across different thematic areas. Within the scope of her responsibility, the university invites proposals for the annual research grants amounting to five million shillings for each of the successful proposals and normally funding is available to 10 – 20 projects.

BSU Research and Grants office has grown to also contribute towards capacity building of staff by securing and identifying funding sources, writing grants winning proposal skills, development support, negotiating agreements, providing funding guidelines, grants contract supervision, designing MoUs with partners and ensuring financial accountability of projects.