European Management of Migration and Refugees - Consequences for mobility and political stability in transit countries (MARE)

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This project runs from January 2019 to December 2021 and is jointly conducted by Bishop Stuart University (BSU), FAFO Research Foundation, Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI), the University of Oxford, the Institut Français du Proche Orient (Amman), and London School of Economics (LSE).

This project looks at Europe’s role in the management of Migration and refugees in 4 areas; Nakivale Refugee camp in Uganda, Amman in Jordan, Bequaa Valley in Lebanon, and Agades in Niger.

We ask how European policy to regulate migration and protect migration affects:

  • Access to protection, education and sustainable livelihoods for refugee populations.
  • The future mobility of refugees (repatriation, integration, secondary movements).
  • Political developments and political stability in host communities.

In Uganda, the research project is led by Moses Tukwasiibwe (Co-PI), senior lecturer in Public Administration and Governance, Faculty of Business, Economic and Governance – Bishop Stuart University.

External Linkhttps://www.fafo.no/en/projects/current-projects/item/europa-flyktninger-og-migrasjon