Otwiine Anne Tweheyo

Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
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Mrs. Otwiine Anne Tweheyo
Mrs. Otwiine Anne Tweheyo Dean Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
Ph.D. Track, Masters of Arts in Counselling UCU 2016, BAED. MUK

Otwiine Anne Tweheyo is the current Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, a position she has held since 2019.

She holds Masters of Arts Counseling Psychology from Uganda Christian University, Mukono (2006-2008), Bachelor of Arts Education from Makerere University (1991-1994) and currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology at Makerere University.

Professional Experience

Anne Tweheyo has been a lecturer at Bishop Stuart University since 2017. Among other professional experiences include: Coordinator academic programs of Psychology (Bishop Stuart University, Faculty of Business and Development, 2017- 2019), Lecturer Uganda Christian University Mukono 2010 -2017 (Lecturer of Psychology in the Faculty of Education and Arts, and Counselling in the Faculty of Social Sciences), Board Member Uganda Counselling Association (UCA) 2016/2017, Member founding Board of Uganda Council of Psychologists 2015/2017, Visiting lecturer Global Link Africa, Volunteer University Counselling Services, Uganda Christian University, New Vision (Media House) consultancy 2013 –to date, Professional consulting writer, New Vision (2013- 2016), Peer Counselor Supervision 2015, Peer Counselors Training 2012/14.


  • Member of Bishop Stuart University Contracts Committee, University Senate, Senior Management Committee (2019- to date)
  • Overseer BSU Nursing School construction site (2019- to date)
  • Director Children’s Library Uganda Christian University 2012-2015
  • Vice president; Uganda Counseling Association (UCA) 2010/12
  • Patron (University Christian Fellowship [UCU] 2011-2016)
  1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD- Psychology) Candidate Makerere University
  2. Master of Arts Counseling Psychology (Uganda Christian University, Mukono, 2006-2008)
  3. Bachelor of Arts Education (Makerere, 1991-1994)
  4. UACE, 1987 (Bweranyangi Girls’ Secondary School)
  5. UCE, 1991 (Bishop Kivengyere Girls’ School Muyebe)

Scholarly Papers

  1. Otwine Tweheyo Anne, Oonyu Joseph, Mataji Leon,  Kiweewa M. John (2020). Fostering Career Guidance and Counselling, and Career self-concept among Students in Secondary Schools in Uganda (In print)
  2. Gooreka Okahaabwa, Anne Tweheyo, Paul Ziryawulawo, & Doreen Kukugiza.  Initiation and Prevalence of Substance Use and Abuse among University Students in Uganda (2020). African Journal of Clinical Psychology, Daystar University. ISSN: 978-9966-936-05-9: 2020 Vol. 02, Issue 03 School of Human & Social Sciences
  3. Otwine, A., Oonyu, J., Kiweewa,J.B., & Nsamba S., Career Guidance and counseling in Uganda; Current developments and challenges (2018). Ijird.www.com Vol. 7 issue 11.
  4. Understanding the Learning Process in Institutions of Higher Learning (Uganda Christian University Pedagogy Handbook; 2012: unpublished)
  5. Empowering the learner through interactive instruction in English language and literature teaching: Motivating Learners in Language and Literature Teaching (2014, unpublished)
  6. Adolescents’ Perceptions of Parenting Styles, and its Effect on their Socialization Skills in Kabale Municipality ; 2008: Dissertation, (2008, unpublished)

Research Undertaken

  1. 2018/ to date: Efficacy of Career guidance and counseling, Career self-Concept, and Occupational Information Sensitisation among students in Uganda (Ongoing)
  2. 2016/ 2017: Prevalence of substance use, abuse and initiation among university students. A baseline study at Uganda Christian University Mukono.
  3. 2011/12: Tracer study: effectiveness of Uganda Christian University graduates in the job market.
  4. 2008: Adolescents perceptions’ of parenting styles and adolescent socialization skill. A case study of students in Secondary schools in Kabale Municipality

Research Supervision

  1. Bishop Stuart University (Research supervision; 5 students Masters of Science of Counseling Psychology [MSCP] + 4 Masters of Public Health)
  2. Uganda Christian University (Research Supervision; 15 Masters of Counseling Psychology; 8Masters of Education; School Practice [42 students of Bachelors of Arts/ Science in Education])
  3. Mentored 4 teaching assistants (psychology, Faculty of Education UCU
  1. Sexual Harassment Prevention Response Training (SHarPResT) project institutional implementing focal person (Bishop Stuart University 2020- June 2021)
  2. Trainer of trainees SHarPResT (Sub project HEPI-TUITAH)2020- 2021 June)
  3. Member of HEPI –TUITAH (PIC) Bishop Stuart University (2019-todate)