Kuribakanya Rose Rwankore

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Kuribakanya Rose Rwankore
Kuribakanya Rose Rwankore
Senior Public Relations Officer

Kuribakanya Rose is the Senior Public Relations Officer at Bishop Stuart University. She is responsible for overseeing public relations activities, publicity campaigns, advertising initiatives, and branding efforts. In addition to her primary role, she contributes to the education of aspiring journalists and communicators as a Lecturer in the Department of Languages, Literature and Madia Studies, Faculty of Education, Arts and Media Studies.

She holds a Masters Degree in Journalism and Media Studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from Uganda Christian University (UCU), a Diploma in Journalism, and a Certificate in HIV/AIDS Counselling.

Rose previously served as a Regional Communication Officer with Integrated Community Based Initiatives (ICOBI) in Sheema District. She has also contributed to the world of media as a program producer at Radio West Mbarara and later as Deputy Programs Manager with Vision Group-Radio West.

2018-2021 Uganda Christian University (UCU) Master of Journalism and Media Studies
2005-2008 Uganda Christian University (UCU) Bachelor of Development Studies
1995-1996 The Uganda Institute of Business and Media Studies Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies
1994-1996 Kinoni Girls Secondary School Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)
1988-1991 Kinoni Girls Secondary School Uganda Certificate of Education
SBU Women Customer Workshop Stanbic Bank Uganda 2022
Certificate of merit Institute of National Transformers 2020
Business Audience ILO FIT – SEMA 2008
Capacity Building in Radio Programme and Production Radio West 2006
Evaluation of Media Reporting of 2006 Elections Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF) 2006
HIV Counselling TASO 2005
Leadership Skills and Needs Assessment PANOS Institute Eastern Africa 2005
RAB Radio Sales and marketing ILO FIT – SEMA 2005
Effective Media Coverage of Children Rights Issues ANPPCAN 2002
Positive Election Coverage Creation of Human Rights Awareness 2002
Election Coverage and Reporting Peace Building Creation of Human Rights Awareness 2001
Media training workshop on Coverage of Children and Women issues UNICEF 2000
Certificate in court reporting gender consideration Uganda Media Women’s Association 1998
The Art of Public Speaking Uganda Media Women’s Association 1998
  1. 2015 to date: Senior Public Relations Officer, Bishop Stuart University
  2. 2009 to 2014: Regional Communication Officer, Integrated Community Based Initiatives (ICOBI)
  3. 2008 to 2009: Program Producer Regional, Vision Group
  4. 2005 to 2008: Deputy Programs Manager, Radio West
  5. 2001 to 2005: Senior programs Officer/Senior reporter, Radio West
  6. 1996 to 1999: News reporter, Crusader Newspaper Uganda