Jane Kiconco Bibangambah

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Jane Kiconco Bibangambah
Jane Kiconco Bibangambah
MBA (MUK), BA-Economics(MUK)

Jane Kiconco Bibangambah is a distinguished Lecturer in the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship at Bishop Stuart University. With a profound commitment to academia and a wealth of experience, Jane plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of business students.

She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Makerere University, earned in 2003. Her academic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA) from Makerere University in 1988.

Jane’s expertise extends across various facets of business education. She excels in teaching subjects such as Corporate Governance, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Business Ethics, Management Skills Development, Economics, Business Finance, and Research Methods.

She previously served as an Ag. Director Of Finance at Bishop Stuart University, a Banking Officer at Cooperative Bank, a Marketing & Sales Officer at Uganda Cooperative Central Union and a Research Assistant at Recon Consultancy Services Ltd.


  1. MBA Makerere University 2003
  2. BA (Economics) Makerere University (MUK) 1988


  1. Teaching: Corporate Governance and organizational behavior in organizations. Human Resource Policies and Practices, Strategic management, Business ethics, Management Skills Development, Human Resource management, economics, Business Finance and Research Methods
  2. Research
  3. Supervision of Students research at Masters and Undergraduate levels
  4. Supervision of student’s internship/practicum
  5. Community outreach work
  6. Leadership of Departmental academic and support staff
  7. Skills in managing finances


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  2. Bibangambah K. Jane:” Dilemmas in Financing Higher Education in Uganda “, Journal of Development Issues volume 2 number 1 December 2009
  3. Bibangambah K. Jane: “Non-State actors, elections and development in     Africa”, Journal of Development Issues 2011
  4. Bibangambah Jane: Presented a paper on basic education in primary and secondary rural schools in Uganda in China 2018(not yet published)


  1. Bibangambah Jane: “Terminological Gymnastics” Inspiration, 2009-2010, Bishop Stuart University.
  2. Bibangambah K. Jane: “The Kakooba Hills”, Inspiration, volume 2. 2009, Bishop Stuart University.
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  4. Bibangambah K. Jane: “Running the Race: The importance of management strategy.” The Cooperative Bank Bulletin, 1993


  1. 2018: Presented a paper in China on understanding rural education in Uganda:
  2.  The case of primary and secondary schools and secondary education in Uganda.
  3. 2009: “Are young girl leaders necessary for development”
  4. 2009: “Fundamentals of records management”
  5. 2008: “The role of student leaders towards the development of universities in Uganda”
  6. 2008: “How to cope with life after university”
  7. 2007: “Record Keeping in effective leadership: its essence and risk factors “involved”
  8. 2007: “Building Healthy relationships: Reasons, qualities and steps”.
  1. 2022 – 2023: Senior Lecturer, Department of Business and Entrepreneurship, Bishop Stuart University
  2. 2021 – 2022: Ag. Director Of Finance, Bishop Stuart University
  3. 2019 – August: Senior Lecturer, Bishop Stuart University
  4. 2014 – August 2019: University finance officer, Bishop Stuart University
  5. 2012 – 2014: Senior Lecturer, Bishop Stuart University
  6. 2011: Lecturer (for seven years)/Department Head, Department of Business Studies.
  7. 2005 – 2010: Lecturer/Head, Department of Business /Secretarial Studies, Bishop Stuart University
  8. 2004 – 2005: Part-Time Lecturer Uganda Christian University, Mukono
  9. 2000 – July 2001: Support Staff (Accounts) with KPMG Liquidators of Cooperative Bank Ltd. Dec 1998 – 1999: Head of Accounts, Head office. Nov 1998: Branch Accountant in charge of Finance and Administration, City branch. 1996: Branch Accountant, City branch.
  10. 1992 – 1996: Banking Officer, Cooperative Bank. Served in various departments and capacities.
  11. 1990 – 1992: Marketing / Sales Officer, Uganda Cooperative Central Union. In charge of advertising, sale of agricultural tools, inputs and user education.
  12. 1988 – 1989: Research Assistant, Data Collection and Processing, Recon Consultancy Services Ltd.
  13. 1988: Research Assistant, Makerere University
  14. 1986: Administrative Assistant – Makerere School of Education.


  1. Accounting training in various areas by CPA
  2. Certificate of participation in ‘Global Best Practices for Design and successful implementation of integrated financial management system (IFMIS)’.