Aruho Abdon Rutega

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Aruho Abdon Rutega
Aruho Abdon Rutega
Assistant Lecturer

Aruho Abdon Rutega is an Assistant Lecturer at Bishop Stuart University, Department of Business and EntrepreneurshipFaculty of Business, Economics, and Governance. He previously served as the Academic Registrar at the same institution from May 2017 to August 2022.

He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education Institutional Management obtained from Ndejje University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management from Uganda Management Institute (UMI), a Master of Science Degree in Marketing and a Bachelor of Commerce from Makerere University.

Membership & Competency Development Services

  1. He served as the Academic Registrar of Bishop Stuart University, Secretary to the Senate as well as Acting as the Ag. Vice Chancellor in the absence of the Vice-Chancellor
  2. Served as the Accounting Officer as well as chief academic and Administrative Officer- UCC Pakwach.
  3. Served as Secretary to the Governing Council UCC Pakwach and served as minute Secretary to UCC Soroti, Governing Council.
  4. Served as the Head of the Examination Center at UCC Pakwach in the management and supervision of Examinations under the Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB).
  5. Served as a member of the HTTI Governing Council representing the Deputy Principal from June 2002 up to 30 November 2007 when the Governing Council was dissolved as a result of transferring HTTI from the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) to the Ministry of Tourism Trade and Industry at the time.
  6. Served as the Secretary to the Academic Board of HTTI and all its committees since February 2002.
  7. Acted as a member of the Uganda Tourism Association and the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda.
  8. Acted as a member of the finance and business committee at the management level at HTTI.
  9. Acted as the Treasurer of Makerere University Convocation elected at the 12th General Assembly August 2002 for 4 years.
  10. Member of Bugolobi Father’s Union – Bugolobi Church of Uganda
  11. He headed the editorial committee of HTTI that produced the institute newsletter.
  12. He participated in a number of seminars and workshops organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry (MTTI), Minister of Education and Sports (MOES)/Education service
  1. 6th Aug 2015 – 20th Oct 2016: Postgraduate Diploma in Education Institutional Management, Ndejje University.
  2. 4th Sept 2006-24th Aug 07: Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management, Uganda Management Institute (UMI)
  3. 1999-2004: Master of Science in Marketing, Makerere University. Dissertation “Customer Service and Relationship Effectiveness in Hotels in Uganda”
  4. Feb. 1992 – 1996: Bachelor of Commerce, Makerere University. Dissertation: “Sales Turn Over and Beer Distribution Out Lets in Uganda, Case Study – Uganda Breweries
  5. 1997- 1998: Certificate in Project Planning and Management, Institute of Adult and Continuing Education Makerere University


1 One published paper in a renowned journal titled “Relationship between Reliability, Assurance, the Tangible Clues of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction and Trust in Hotels in Uganda”. (ARJHSS) Volume-04, Issue-10, pp-01-07 www.arjhss.com Date of Publication: October 2021
2 A book has been produced at titled “Delivering Quality Customer Satisfaction and Trust in Uganda Hotels”. BSU Printery Date of production: August 2022.
3 Paper presented  on “Growth Paths, Achievements and Challenges” UCC Pakwach College Magazine Pages 8-15 UCC Pakwach College Magazine 15th November 2013
4 Paper presented on “Opportunities to Stimulate Tourism Growth if Investment Momentum and Customer Care is Maintained” Tourism Ministerial Committee on CHOGM Evaluation Workshop December 2007
5 Paper presented on “Common Wealth Heads of Government’s Meeting (CHOGM) Initiatives Key to Uganda’s Tourism Growth” A Newsletter of AHSA Issue No. 10, November 2007 – November 2008 Pages 11 – 12 AHSA FORUM November 2007 – November 2008
6 Paper presented on “Striving for Sustainable Hospitality Training” HTTI Annual News Letter Issue No.3 Volume 3, Jan 2006 Done at the 12th Delegates Conference of the Association of Hotel Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa 29th Oct. 4th Nov 2006
7 Paper presented on “Unlocking Personal and Enterprise Entrepreneurship Potential in Uganda” pages 2 – 6 The College Magazine, UCC Pakwach 15th November 2013
8 Paper presented on “Staff Establishment of the Institute for the Last Ten Years; Successes and Challenges” Pages 13 – 18, HTTI Special Newsletter Issue No. 2 Volume 2 September 2004 Crested Crane Hotel & Tourism Training Institute, Special Newsletter September 2004


Other Achievements

  1. Presented a Business paper on “Capacity building for young people in Business planning and entrepreneurship skills” held at the British Council.
  2. Gained Research and Publication skills for CBET initiatives and Newsletter Production.
  3. Researched and presented an Academic paper on ‘’Entrepreneurial Success Approaches and Business Sustainability in the Hospitality industry in Uganda’’ at the 12th AHSSA Delegates’ Conference held in November 2006 JINJA Uganda.
  4. Authored 1 Article, 1 Book and 4 paper presentations which were published in Association of Hotel Schools in Africa(AHSSA) and HTTI and UCC Newsletters between 2004 and 2007.
  5. Gained over 26 years of practical education management with teaching& learning, Hospitality experience and exposure through participation, networking and strategic alliances.
  6. Elected as part of the panel of experts in designing Business, feasibility and Strategic plans for Small and Medium enterprises through the Uganda Trade Association. In addition, provided expertise during the development of Business and strategic plans for HTTI 2005 -2011
  7. Attracted and generated donor-funded projects in ICT, practical and classroom facilities.
  1. Provided Technical expertise during the planning and drafting of the Development plan resulting in winning donor funding from IP-BTVET/KFW for HTTI financial year 2007/8 -2009/10.
  1. Academic Registrar, Bishop Stuart University (May 2017 to August 2022)
  2. Principal UCC (May 2012 to March 2017)
  3. Deputy Principal UCC; March 2009- May 2012
  4. Ag. ACADEMIC REGISTRAR –Uganda Hotel & Tourism Training Institute (2002 – 2009)10th JULY 2007 –2009: Appointed Chairperson to the Contracts Committee of HTTI10th OCT 2006 – 2009: Appointed as Secretary to HTTI Academic BoardFEB 4TH 2002 – 2009: Appointed and assigned duties of Ag. Academic Registrar by the minister of state for Higher Education/MOES
  5. May 2001-Feb 2002: Appointed full-time Instructor at Crested Crane Hotel (HTTI) Management, Marketing and Customer Care
  6. Oct. 1997 – Oct 1998: Parttime Instructor: Management, Marketing and Accounting Principles Subjects at The Crested Crane Hotel and Tourism Training Institute-Jinja (HTTI)
  7. Oct. 1998 – Oct. 1999: Head of Examination and Library/Lecturer at Trans-Continental Institutes of Management – Kampala
  8. Oct. 1997 – Oct. 1998: Head of Academics/Lecturer at Trans-Hemisphere Institute of Management, Kampala
  9. 4TH March 1996 – Oct 1997: Head of Department Commercial Studies/Lecturer at Transhemisphere Institute of Management (T.I.M)
  10. Feb. 1996 – Dec. 1996: Lecturer of Business Subjects at Transhemisphere Institute of Management, Kampala
Workshop on Human Subjects Protection course for the IREC Done by UNCST at BSU 21st – 24th March 2022
Workshop on Assessment on the Implementation of Subsidiary Mathematics and Subsidiary ICT Curricula at A Level Done by NCDC at Mbarara High School 18th Sept. 2018
Workshop on the Quality and Standards of Legal Education and Training in Uganda Done by the Law Council Committee on Legal Education and Training 31st August 2018
Transformative Higher Education Leadership for Enhanced Linkage between Academia, Public and Private Sectors Done by Inter-University Council for East Africa in Bujumbura, Burundi 21st – 22nd June 2018
The 7th Uganda Vice Chancellor’s Forum Conference on Higher Education and National Human Resource Planning in Uganda ISBAT Kampala 6th October 2017
Workshop on the Journey Leading to the Lower Secondary School Curriculum Done by NCDC at Crested Crane Hotel Jinja 27th – 30th May 2016
Workshop by RUFORUM on Escalating PhD Training in Africa: RUFORUM Graduates Teaching Assistantship Program RUFORUM at Hotel Africana September 2014
Workshop on Skilling Uganda for Enhanced Productivity and Development Done by Ministry of Education and Sports Sector Review at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala 24th – 26th September 2014
Seminar on Communication and Presentation Skills UMI 10th – 14th Feb. 2014
Workshop on Sustainability Reporting Workshop Grand Imperial Hotel Kampala by CPA Uganda 17th Jan. 2014
Research Supervision Workshop Done by MTAC UCC Pakwach 12th March 2014
Training of Trainers Workshop Done by MTAC at UCC Pakwach 13th – 14th March 2013
Supervisory Management Workshop Done by MTAC at UCC Pakwach 11th – 12th March 2013
Training Seminar on Vocational Education Management for Developing Countries. Done by Ningbo Polytechnic Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China 9th – 29th April 2013
Public Procurement and Contracts Management Workshop Done by MTAC at UCC Pakwach 27th -28th Nov. 2013
Stores Management and Inventory Control Done by MTAC at UCC Pakwach 25th – 26th Nov. 2013
Computer Office Applications Done MTAC ICT Unit Kampala 4th – 24th Feb. 2013
Practioners’ Seminar on Continuing Professional Development CPA Uganda at Hotel Africana Kampala 8th Feb. 2013
Management Skills Improvement Seminar UMI 18th – 28th March 2013
Workshop on Addressing Learning Outcomes for Enhanced Competences Done by Ministry of Education and Sports Sector Review at Hotel Africana Kampala 24th – 26th October 2012
International Workshop on Enhancing Skills Development in TVET Institutions in Africa Imperial Royale Hotel Uganda by CAPA 23rd – 27th May 2011
A Workshop on Principles of Modern Management Crested Crane Hotel Jinja 16th – 20th July 2007
Workshop on Corporate Governance Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda 12th – 14th Sept. 2007
Conference on Management and Development Strategic Management Centre Kenya at Mandela Sports Hotel (Nambole) 24t – 25th Nov. 2005
Managing the College Budget Course UMI 12th – 16th Jan. 2004
Membership Development and Retention Course Private Sector Foundation (PSF) 30th – 31st May 2002
Workshop to Sensitise BTVET Principals on Policies and Code Programme of the Ministry of Education and Sports Done by the Ministry of Education and Sports at Crested Crane Hotel Jinja 17th – 19th June 2002
Member Services Development Course Private Sector Foundation (PSF) 3th – 4th October 2002
Course in Management of Training Institutes Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry 20th 24th August 2001
Training of Trainers Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities of Uganda 1998