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BSU-TWU MA application form 2021

The first 20 applicants will have a waiver on application fee. For students who did a 3-years Bachelors program will be subjected to a GEP (Global Express Passway) programme and this will be done in 5 months at BSU FAR Center this will then qualify you to go for any of the two Masters programmes....


Application for examination retake/missed/re-sit form

APPLICATION FOR EXAMINATION RETAKE/MISSED/RE-SIT FORM Visit your students portal, register for that retake/missed exam. Please note that payments are made for retake/missed/re-sit exam (attach evidence of receipt from finance office). Learn how to pay using mobile money


Research, Innovations and Grants Policy

The BSU charter spells out the University’s objectives pointing to the three major functions of teaching ,research and outreach. The University is committed to the integration of research, teaching, outreach, and Christian Ethics and Values, in order to develop creative, innovative, professionals and practitioners who know the way show the way and go the way....


Open Distance Learning (ODeL) Policy

Open Distance and E-learning (ODeL) is the new reality that universities and other Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) need to adopt to keep relevant in the 21st century and beyond. It is the type of teaching and learning that gives students, who have to fulfil multiple roles and are affected by the barriers of distance, cost...