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Doctoral Thesis Defense Abstract for Chrispo Maali

The study adopted a cross-sectional research design with both quantitative and qualitative approaches of data collection and analysis. A post-positivist research paradigm was adopted to cater for mixed methodology approach. A sample size of 25 government-aided secondary schools was purposively adopted in this study in which 234 teachers were randomly selected to participate.


Doctoral Thesis Defence Abstract for Asiimire Donath

Drawing from 17 interviews (with women rights activists, community development officers, probation officers, grade II magistrates, gender-based organisation managers, political leaders, religious leaders, local leaders) and 5 FGDs (with household heads, women in formal and informal employment), findings reveal that, women economic empowerment leads to a shift in marital entry, status and exit.


Doctoral Thesis Defence Abstract for Alice Jossy Kyobutungi

The study investigated how young adults are represented in Ugandan literature by selected women writers – Barbara Kimenye (Beauty Queen, Prettyboy, Beware, Moses, Moses in Trouble, and Moses in a Muddle), Glaydah Namukasa (Voice of a Dream, “The Pact” and “Girlie Surprise”, and Mary Okurut’s (Child of a Delegate, “A Virgin for the King” and...