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Doctoral Thesis Defence Abstract for Asiimire Donath

Drawing from 17 interviews (with women rights activists, community development officers, probation officers, grade II magistrates, gender-based organisation managers, political leaders, religious leaders, local leaders) and 5 FGDs (with household heads, women in formal and informal employment), findings reveal that, women economic empowerment leads to a shift in marital entry, status and exit.


Doctoral Thesis Defence Abstract for Alice Jossy Kyobutungi

The study investigated how young adults are represented in Ugandan literature by selected women writers – Barbara Kimenye (Beauty Queen, Prettyboy, Beware, Moses, Moses in Trouble, and Moses in a Muddle), Glaydah Namukasa (Voice of a Dream, “The Pact” and “Girlie Surprise”, and Mary Okurut’s (Child of a Delegate, “A Virgin for the King” and...