BSU-TWU Partnership

Trinity Western University is a private and Canada’s largest independent Christian liberal arts University, with a comprehensive enrolment of 5,000 students across all programs, with over 30,000 alumni in more than 80 countries around the world. TWU is accredited by the Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). The University is authorised to teach and award Degrees, Diplomas and certificates. It is well known for its exceptional academics and continuous receiving of high marks in national rankings (source).

Trinity Western University entered into a partnership with Bishop Stuart University in 2017 to develop and facilitate collaborative and mutually beneficial academic programmes that will stimulate and enhance the intellectual and cultural development of the students in both TWU and BSU.

TWU FAR Center – BSU

BSU partnered with Trinity Western University to offer its Far Center service at BSU and in Uganda at large. The Far Center offers an opportunity for Ugandans to start their studies at a physical location in Uganda and finish the same at the main campus in Canada.

The aim of the Far Center is to bring TWU’s quality education closer to Ugandan students at a highly discounted cost.

Why a FAR Center

Get set up with everything you need to obtain a Canadian Masters degree.

Complete your degree with ease through a Facilitated Academic Resource Centre (FAR), where you will save considerably on the overall cost of your degree by completing a Graduate Express Pathway (GEP) program in your home country.

With the guidance of a facilitator in a supportive environment, you will be equipped to achieve your goals and become a leader in your future workplace.

Choose a FAR Centre now and be equipped for a lifetime of success in your future career.

Complete a Graduate Express Pathway (GEP) in Uganda (BSU FAR Center) then qualify for a Canadian Master of Arts in Leadership. Download Brochures to learn more.