Call For Scholarship Applications: Partnership to Strengthen Graduate Training and Research – CSAS Project

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Call For Scholarship Applications: Partnership to Strengthen Graduate Training and Research – CSAS Project

Call For Scholarship Applications: Partnership to Strengthen Graduate Training and Research Capacity for Developing Climate Smart Agrifood Systems in Central and East Africa (CSAS) Project

Date of release of the Call 25th April 2024 

Deadline for submission of application 14th June 2024

The European Union (EU), under its Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme, has provided funding to support training of graduate students in African universities. The “Partnership to Strengthen Graduate Training and Research Capacity for Developing Climate Smart Agrifood

Systems in Central and East Africa (CSAS)”. The project, coordinated by the University of

Dschang, is a mobility programme comprising six African Partner Institutions and one EU Technical Partner. CSAS will collaborate in the training of professionals in developing climate smart agrifood systems in Central and East Africa. The training shall equip students and staff with a comprehensive understanding of climate-smart agrifood systems, incorporating disciplines such as agriculture, environmental science, climate science and socio-economic aspects of food systems.

A total of 26 Masters and 8 PhDs will be trained from 2024 to 2028 in the thematic areas of Climate Smart Agriculture, Agriculture and Rural Innovations, Dryland Agriculture, Livestock Production Systems, Plant Breeding and Seed Systems, Food Security, Geomatics and Artificial Intelligence. The project will provide scholarship for full degree programs as well as short-term credit-seeking mobility for students. The mobility will also support 8 staff and 8 trainees across the partner HEIs

This call for application targets 4 PhD and 8 MSc programs from Africa to be hosted across the partner HEIs

The mobility project is aimed at:

  1. Promoting inclusive academic mobility and partnerships between Higher Education Institutions / Universities (HEI) and Research Institutions to address key challenges in developing climate-smart agrifood systems.
  2. Developing or strengthening curriculum on Climate-Smart Agrifood Systems in HEIs.
  3. Strengthening climate data and information systems using digital tools.

It is expected that a procedure / platform to support the harmonisation and internationalisation of agrifood systems programs among African Universities shall be achieved at the end of the project.


The scholarships are open to all qualified African candidates residing in Africa at the time of application to be trained in the host institutions for respective programs in Cameroon, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Note: Applicants are only allowed to apply to study in an institution outside of their home country. Females and vulnerable candidates are particularly encouraged to apply. All applications will be handled confidentially.

Criteria for selection of students for scholarship

A six-stage process will be used in the selection of students to benefit from the CSAS project:

  1. The first step will be validation of admission by the target host university who will subsequently submit a list of admitted candidates to the University of Dschang (i.e., the Coordinator), with copies to the Focal Point Persons at the partner institutions.
  2. The second step will be compilation of applications received by the Coordinator
  3. The third step will be to review the documents and carry out selection of candidates to receive scholarships (based on eligibility, authenticity of academic documents and confirmation of admission by the target host university).
  4. The fourth step will be communication of results by the Coordinator to the scholarship awardees and host institutions.
  5. The fifth step will be signing of the contracts between the Coordinator and the scholarship beneficiaries and subsequent sending of the signed contracts to the host universities.
  6. Finally, the host university will facilitate the travel and settling in/out of the awardees to/from the respective university.

Table 1 Academic Programs, Host Universities, Countries and Number of Scholarships

A September 2024    
  PhD Programs University  County  No
1 Climate Smart Agriculture University of Dschang Cameroon 2
2 Agriculture and Rural Innovations Makerere University Uganda 2
3 Climate Smart Agriculture  & Biodiversity


Haramaya University Ethiopia 2
4 Dryland Agriculture Egerton University Kenya 2
MSc  Programs
1 Integrated      Management      of        Forest


University of Dschang Cameroon 5
2 Plant Breeding  and  Seed Systems Makerere University Uganda 5
3 Climate Smart Agriculture Haramaya University Ethiopia 4
4 Livestock Production Systems Egerton University Kenya 4
5 Climate Change and Geomatics University of Kinshasa DRC 2
6 Artificial Intelligence University of Kinshasa DRC 2
7 Agriculture and Rural Innovations Bishop Stuart University Uganda 2
8 Climate Change and Food Security Bishop Stuart University Uganda 2

What does the scholarship cater for?

The scholarship includes a subsistence allowance of 1230 € per month for PhD candidates, 890 € for MSc candidates’ 1230 € for Trainees and 2370 € for Staff. This will cover travel, insurance subsistence and accommodation.

 Insurance: Insurance coverage (accident, travel, health) will be provided for the duration of the Scholarship within the limits of the grant provisions.

Tuition fees and research contribution: The Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme Scholarship Scheme, “Partnership to Strengthen Graduate Training and Research Capacity for Developing Climate Smart Agrifood Systems in Central and East Africa (CSAS)”, will cover the stipulated tuition fees in line with the MOU signed by the partner institutions and with EU

How to apply 

All interested applicants should download the application form, fill it and together with certificates and transcripts of results submit through email. The application for scholarship should be sent to the project coordinating office (email: c-sasscholarship@gmail.com) and project administrator (email: cmtankou@yahoo.com) with copy to the Focal Persons at the target hosting universities of the program of choice. Admission criteria and application forms are available on the program website (http://www.csas.org) for the respective host institutions. In order to facilitate and fasten the mobility process, each applicant is advised to apply concurrently to the host University for admission. Note that scholarships will only be awarded to candidates with admission letters from the proposed host university.

For inquiries: For more information on the CSAS project, contact the project Coordinator,

Professor Christopher Tankou, at: cmtankou@yahoo.com or c-sasscholarship@gmail.com; Focal person for Makerere University, Dr. Sarah Akello at: sarah.akello@mak.ac.ug, sarahakellok@yahoo.com;

Focal person for Bishop Stuart University (Uganda), Dr. Rebecca Kalibwani at: rmkalibwani@faest.bsu.ac.ug;

Focal person for Haramaya University (Ethiopia), Associate Professor Muluken G Wordofa at:


Focal person for Egerton University (Kenya), Professor Patience Mlongo Mshenga at: pmshenga@egerton.ac.ke;

Focal person for University of Kinshasa (Republic of DRC Congo), Professor Raphael

TSHIMANGA at: raphael.tshimanga@unikin.ac.cd;

Technical partner from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Dr. Emelie Zonabend König at: emelie.zonabend@slu.se

Disclaimer: “Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union.