Registering for retakes

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Registering for retakes



Note that if you have a retake, you are supposed to register for it at the beginning of a Semester with your department and Academic Registrar’s office.

Due to Covid 19, some of you went home without registering these retakes.


  1. Finalists with retakes got in either the first year or the second year should register on Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the course units to retake, register them in the passbook, seek authorization from the Department/Faculty, and register them with Academic Registrar’s office.
  2. Those who completed but had retakes in the final year: You pick a retake form from the photocopiers, fill in the retake(s), clear them with your lecturer, Head of Department/Dean, and get clearance from the Finance Department and register with Academic Registrar’s office. You will get a retake registration card.
  3. Continuing students with retakes: If the retake is in this semester, register on VLE for the course units to retake, Register them in the passbook, seek authorization from the Department/Faculty and register it with Academic Registrar’s office.


  1. Retake fees is Ugx. Shs.20.000 per course unit for finalists and continuing students and Ugx. Shs.250.000 per course unit for students who would have completed but for the retake.
  2. You should register the retake(s) in the registration book in the Academic Registrar’s Office.

Download: Office of the Academic Registrar- Registering for Retakes