Call for applications: Bachelor of Environmental Science, Bachelor of Conservation and Natural Resource Management, and Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

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Call for applications: Bachelor of Environmental Science, Bachelor of Conservation and Natural Resource Management, and Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Bishop Stuart University is a private, not-for-profit educational institution established by Ankole Diocese of the Province of Anglican Church of Uganda to provide Christian based higher Education, training and research for the expansion of God’s kingdom, human knowledge and betterment of society with the vision to be a university for recreating the African Society with Academic Excellence, Entrepreneurship and Christian Values; with a Mission to Producing Multi-Sectoral leaders / Operators who Know the way, Show the way and Go the way.

The University does that by offering life-transforming programs such as Bachelor of Environmental Science, Bachelor of Conservation and Natural Resource Management, and Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management.

The programme aims at producing both academic and skills-oriented graduates who can become professional hospitality service providers, environmentalists, and sustainable natural resource work with government, communities, conservation NGOs, and institutions effectively in Uganda and the East African region.

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science enables graduates to:
  1. To acquire scientific knowledge of environmental systems;
  2. Equip them with skills in environmental assessment, audit, and monitoring;
  3. Promote the use of appropriate technology in harnessing natural resources;
  4. Promote the use of scientific knowledge in environmental problem solving;
  5. Promote the use of inter-disciplinary approach in environmental conservation and management;
  6. Enable students to acquire skills to effectively disseminate environmental knowledge;
  7. Enable students to appreciate the strong link between environmental systems and development;
  8. Strengthen the skills of students in integration of environmental concerns into project planning and implementation.
  • Bachelor of Conservation and Natural Resources Management enables graduates to:
  1. Acquire knowledge and skills to implement Natural Resource conservation projects;
  2. Be able to integrate natural resource conservation activities with national/economic activities for balanced growth and development;
  3. Promote natural resource management awareness and practice within local, national and international areas;
  4. Write project proposals that can attract sponsorship for natural resource conservation;
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management enables graduates to:
  1. Become competent graduates in sustainable use and management of tourism resources
  2. Be able to manage different tourism sections in order to increase and expand the potential for tourism resource utilisation and development
  3. Be skilled, competent and experienced in tourism planning and resource management
  4. Be more creative, with initiative in tailoring specific tours to meet tourist needs thus in effort towards promoting tourism enterprises
  5. Be able to plan and manage the rural-based tourism projects that a consistent with environmental conservation
  6. Be able to develop local community-based tourism initiatives and enterprises especially in community areas adjacent to protected areas to demonstrate the relationship between conservation and development
  7. Be able to support protected areas in reporting human illegal activities that degrade and erode biodiversity resource base
  8. Professionals who can develop and write fundable project proposals


Bishop Stuart University is Chattered University founded Church and Christian principles. We’re pioneers in university education in southwestern Uganda and offer regular and weekend education. Since we were founded, we’ve helped more than forty thousand students/people realise their potential.

Our unique approach to learning means you don’t have to put your life on hold to get the qualification you want.

We will:

‒ Help you get a qualification to suit you and your goals

‒ Provide you with the teaching and learning resources you’ll need

‒ Offer a flexible learning experience based around you and your life

‒ Use technology and teaching methods that enhance your study experience

‒ Be there to support you every step of the way.

NOTE: We offer regular/fulltime and weekend programs in the three programmes.

You can expect:

  • Materials that are designed with you in mind
  • Continuous innovation
  • We’ve been leading the way in learning in southwestern Uganda in weekend programmes over the last eight years in regular and weekend programs, ensuring education is accessible, whatever your circumstances
  • Access to quality world-class resources, whenever you need them
  • We are a chartered university and the qualifications you will obtain are respected by employers in the country and the world over


The training will be comprehensive to meet the international and national environmental policy objectives. Both weekend and regular will be offered to carter for the working group.


Admission to Bachelor of Environmental Science, Bachelor in Conservation and Natural Resources and Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management will be through the following avenues;


i) The essential subjects are the two-best done of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Agriculture (Economics and Geography based on either PEM or MEG subject’s combinations).

ii) The relevant subject is the third-best done of the above subjects.

iii) The entire subjects must be done at the same sitting.


The candidate should have passed the relevant mature age entry examination of Council for Higher Education / Bishop Stuart University.


Holders of relevant diplomas in environmental science, Tourism and Hospitality management, wildlife management or natural resource management discipline from recognized Institutions.

Subject Category Weight subject(s)

(a)  Essential 3  Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Agriculture Economics, and Geography

(b)  Relevant 2   Two best done of all A-Level subjects

(c)  Desirable 1   General paper, Subsidiary Mathematics

(d)  Others    0.5

DURATION OF THE PROGRAM                                                               

Bachelor of Environmental Science Programme, Bachelor of Conservation and Natural Resource Management, and Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management are full-time study and weekend programmes respectively and are run on a semester system for three (3) years with six (6) semesters on Regular and Weekend basis.

Each Academic year is composed of two (2) Semesters; the length of a Semester is seventeen (17) weeks with fifteen (15) weeks being for teaching and two (2) weeks for examinations.

NB: Those who need mature entrance contact the AR using the phone numbers listed below so that Mature entry exams can be arranged.

Apply Online

i) Visit Online Admissions Website URL admissions.bsu.ac.ug

ii) Online application Procedure Bishop Stuart Online Application Portal User Guidelines

iii) Download Application Forms: 1.Undergraduate Application Form

iv) Mobile Money Payments: Click to learn how you can pay for the application form using mobile money

Application fee = Ugx 30,000 Undergraduate

Aruho Abdon Rutega


Call (+256) 707200703, (+256) 707200707.

info@bsu.ac.ug  pro@bsu.ac.ug  ar@bsu.ac.ug

Kakoba Mbarara Municipality, Uganda P.O. Box 09 Mbarara, Uganda.