Call for applications: Academic Programmes under Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB)

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HESFB Team and students funded by HESFB cutting cake at 15th BSU Graduation

The Academic Registrar Bishop Stuart University invites applications to the following accredited Academic Programmes under Higher Education Education Students Financing Board (HESFB) Loan Scheme at Bishop Stuart University for the Academic Year 2020/2021 (July and August intakes).

Bachelor of Nursing Science – Direct 4yrs
Bachelor of Public Health 3yrs
Bachelor of Nursing Science – Completion 3yrs
Bachelor of Animal Health and Production 3yrs
Bachelor of Computer Science 3yrs
Bachelor of Agribusiness Management and Community Development 3yrs
Bachelor of Information Technology 3yrs
Bachelor of Agriculture and Community Development 3yrs
Diploma in Computer Science 2yrs
Diploma in Information Technology 2yrs
Diploma in Midwifery Extension (July intake) 1 ½yrs
Diploma in Nursing extension (July Intake) 1 ½yrs
Diploma in Public Health 2yrs
Diploma in Agribusiness Management & Community Development 2yrs
Diploma in Animal Health and Production 2yrs
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences 3yrs
Bachelor of Science and Technology Education 3yrs
Bachelor of Science with Education 3yrs
Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics 3yrs
Bachelor of Community and Natural Resource Management (for disability) 3yrs
Diploma in Science and Technology Education 2yrs
Bachelor of Social work and Social Administration (for disability) 3yrs
Diploma in Social work and Social Administration (for disability) 2yrs
Bachelor of Laws (for disability) 4yrs
Diploma in Law (for disability) 2yrs
Bachelor of Arts with Education (for disability) 3yrs

Minimum Entry Requirements:

a) Under Graduate Applicants

i) Applicants should have obtained at least a first-class or second class Diploma or its equivalent from a recognised and chartered university/institution.

ii) Applicants should also possess a Ugandan Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 Passes (or its equivalent) and a Ugandan Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with at least two Principal Passes and one Subsidiary Pass obtained at the same sitting (or its equivalent).

iii) Diploma applicants

Minimum requirement S6, 1 principal pass and two subsidiaries, O’level 5 passes.

iv) Higher Education Certificate (HEC) Applicants

At least two subsidiary passes or one principal pass or vocational qualifications level 2 or 3

b) Applicants will be required to submit their applications online at any time or to the Academic Registrar’s office at the main campus, Kakoba.

c) Apply Online

i) Visit Online Admissions Website URL admissions.bsu.ac.ug

ii) Online application Procedure Bishop Stuart Online Application Portal User Guidelines

iii) Download Application Forms: 1.Undergraduate Application Form

iv) Mobile Money Payments: Click to learn how you can pay for the application form using mobile money

Application fee = Ugx 30,000 Undergraduate

Aruho Abdon Rutega


Call (+256) 707200703, (+256) 707200707.

info@bsu.ac.ug  pro@bsu.ac.ug  ar@bsu.ac.ug

Kakoba Mbarara Municipality, Uganda P.O. Box 09 Mbarara, Uganda.